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When is a survey needed?


Different types of surveys are needed depending on the plans for the property.  When there is debate over a property line, a professional surveyor is required to legally settle the issue.  When buying or selling property, a Boundary Survey is needed to transfer the title and provide an accurate legal description of exact property lines. A Mortgage / Loan Survey is often required before selling an individual residential property.  Topographic Surveys are needed before planning new developments, building roads or other structures. 


I have a copy of an old survey for my property, and I'm refinancing or selling. Do I need a new survey?


Usually you will need a new survey but it can depend on the age and type of the previous survey. Surveys are required when improvements are made to your property by you or an adjoining property owner.  Call us and we can help you verify your need for a new survey by contacting your title attorney and discussing the real estate settlement requirements.


What surveying methods are used today?


The specific method used for surveying your property depends on the type of survey being performed. Our new state of the art equipment saves you time and money and insures correct data is used to finalize your survey.  Global positioning systems (GPS) are vital along with aerial photogrammetry for topographic data and professional field-run control work.  The practice of surveying land has become an exact science with the improvement of todays available technologies.


How much will a survey cost?


Survey cost is based on a myriad of factors like the type of survey desired, the location, the shape and size of the property, the field conditions, the season and weather and the time frame desired for completion.  Other factors that may affect the total cost include the availability of previous surveys and an overall estimate of the total work involved to complete your project which varies from site to site.


THAT BEING SAID, Weygand Surveyors is a third generation survey company (with fourth generation in the making) and has extensive records throughout the state of Alabama. It's possible that we have surveyed the property in question at some point over the past 60 years. This reduces time spent and your overall costs.

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